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    Reliable heating/cooling systems in Albury, Wodonga and the surrounding areas


    Heating and cooling can account for around half of the average household’s energy costs, therefore, it is extremely important to select the right choice for your home.

    With natural gas rebates available in both New South Wales and Victoria, installing a new heater is also now more affordable.

    BJ Heating & Cooling offers a range of heating and cooling options including:


    Gas ducted central heating is one of the cheapest whole house heating options. It simply diverts heat from a source to areas that need to be heated via in-ceiling or under-floor.

    Zones can be created to isolate one or more areas to optimise the running of the system. This is ideal for areas that are not being used e.g. bedrooms during the day, which means that the system is more energy-efficient.


    Wall furnaces and space heaters are used to heat single rooms or open plan living areas.

    Gas heaters have a star rating to advise of their energy efficiency. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit is. BJ Heating and Cooling can supply and install 3, 4, 5 or 6-star heating options for your home. Speak to us today about which option will suit you best.


    An evaporative cooling system is the most affordable, quiet and eco-friendly way to cool your home. It consists of an external cooling unit on the roof, which distributes cool air via ducts to rooms in your house.

    Evaporative coolers work best in a dry climate, circulating naturally cooled air throughout your home, while hot, stale air is forced out. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower running costs than other air conditioners.


    Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning provides quiet, unobtrusive climate control. They work effectively in all climates, can heat as well as cool, and are a relatively energy-efficient option for whole-house heating. They are less obvious than traditional heaters and split systems and can distribute heating and cooling more evenly.


    A split system is wall-mounted and designed for smaller spaces and is therefore less expensive to buy and have installed.

    Because they have lower energy demands, they are generally less expensive to run than ducted air conditioning.


    Installing a ducted vacuum system in your home has many benefits. Regardless of the level of filtration, portable vacuum cleaners still expel some dirt and debris inside the home, whereas a ducted vacuum exhaust is often outside the living area, making it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

    Why install an Astro Vac ducted vacuum system?

    • Powerful motor and 10.5-metre hose
    • Practical tools to clean hard-to-reach areas
    • Lower noise than portable vacuums
    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
    • Simple operation
    • Lifetime warranty on canister, five years for motor and all internal electrical components
    • Vac Pan option to dispose of swept dirt and dust

    Give our team a call today on 02 6021 6485 for more information about our heating and cooling systems.

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