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Ducted refrigerated cooling consists of an internal unit installed within the roof space, with duct running to vents in each room of the house.

Ducted refrigerated cooling is often seen as the pinnacle of cooling.  It works effectively in any climate and and is easily controlled.  Whilst the price can be seen as being reflective of it’s superiority, it offers undisputed premium cooling that can be zoned to improve efficiency and lower running costs. 



An evaporative cooling system is the most affordable, quiet and eco-friendly way to cool your home. It consists of an external cooling unit on the roof, which distributes cool air via ducts to rooms in your house.

Evaporative coolers work best in a dry climate, circulating naturally cooled air throughout your home, while hot, stale air is forced out. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower running costs than other air conditioners.



A split system is wall-mounted and designed for smaller spaces and is therefore less expensive to buy and have installed.

Because they have lower energy demands, they are generally less expensive to run than ducted air conditioning.

Evaporative Cooler